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Veteran open source Bitcoin developer John Newbery has just launched Brink, an independent organization funding the open source developer community of Bitcoin, a key component of the global currency, and therefore it works.

On Tuesday, Newbery and Mike Schmidt, a Bitcoin Optech employee, revealed Brink. Bitcoin’s successful technical writer Dave Harding joined the board as an independent director. Brink will give grants to developers working on bitcoin projects and help young bitcoin developers get scholarships and mentoring.

Newbery told CoinDesk that he launched Brink to « further decentralize Bitcoin development funding » and bring in and mentor new employees, « which was not a priority for other funding organizations. ”

Investors John Pfeffer and Wences Casares are providing « organizational funding, » while the nonprofit human rights foundation Square Crypto and Crypto Exchange Gemini are funding the first two scholarship holders. Bitcoin exchange Kraken finances the first grant.

A big reason Bitcoin even works as a global currency is because developers are constantly tinkering under the hood to build and test the underlying infrastructure. Traditionally, these developers have been passionate about doing this job in their spare time without a paycheck.

But things are changing as more and more companies want to pay Bitcoin developers. Last summer alone, at least half a dozen companies announced new grants for developers.

Brink’s funding model is a bit experimental. For the most part, Bitcoin organizations like Chaincode and Square Crypto distribute grants directly to developers from their own central funding pools.

There may be companies out there who want to help Bitcoin development but don’t need to review developers to get funding. Instead, these organizations can donate to Brink, which reviews and trains developers.

In order to follow this path, Brink is applying as the first Bitcoin organization to apply for designation as non-profit in accordance with 501 (c) (3) in the USA. S.. . Taxpayers can make tax-free donations to the developers financed by Brink.

« We will be the only organization that is exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin development and that way accepts direct donations from the public, » explains Brink’s press release.

Warren Buffett runs out of stocks. Berkshire Hathaway (Ticker: BRK. A, BRK. B) CEO Warren Buffett is possibly the most popular and successful investor in history, and Berkshires 13-F is the most anticipated filing on Wall Street each quarter. Here are eight stocks Warren Buffett bought.

Now the bad news: – Aside from the expected social security (around Jan.. $ 300 / month if I wait until full retirement age, 1. $ 200 / month if I retire at 65) I have no pension or other sources of income. – I don’t have an impressive résumé that could lead to lucrative retirement employment. Is there a way to last savings of 500. $ 000, especially given the miserably low interest rate environment?

Which stocks are either a fan favorite or a must have? Penny stocks. These tickers for less than $ 5 apiece are particularly controversial on Wall Street, as both proponents and naysayers make strong arguments. These names are too attractive for the risk-tolerant investor to ignore. Get more for your money with their low prices. In addition, even a slight appreciation of the share price can lead to massive percentage gains and thus to substantial returns for investors. However, there is one but here. The critics point out that there could be a reason for the low price, whether it be poor fundamentals or overwhelming headwinds. So how are investors supposed to determine which penny stocks are ready to make it big? Tracking the activity of the investing titans is one strategy. Enter billionaire Steven Cohen. The legendary stock picker who started his career as an investor at Gruntal & Co. Started. There he managed equity for 14 years and founded S. . ONE. C Capital Advisor in 1992. In 2014, his investment business was switched to Point72 Asset Management, one over 1. 500 people registered investment advisory firm. Throughout his career, Cohen has consistently generated tremendous returns for clients and has made Point72 Chairman, CEO and President a Guru on the Road. When we reached out to Cohen for inspiration, we took a closer look at three penny stocks. Cohen’s Point72 recently took steps. Using TipRanks’ database to find out what the analyst community had to say, we learned that every ticker has buy ratings and huge upside potential. Cocrystal Pharma (COCP) To bring targeted solutions to market, Cocrystal Pharma develops antiviral therapeutics to treat severe or chronic viral diseases such as influenza, hepatitis C, gastroenteritis caused by norovirus and COVID-19. Based on the progress of his pipeline and $ 0. Some see a clear profit in the future of COCP. Cohen is among those who have high hopes for this name in healthcare. Point72 hit COCP for the first time and bought more than 2. 8 million shares. The value of the company’s new stake is over $ 2. 5 million. Meanwhile, the 5-star analyst Raghuram Selvaraju from H. . C.. . Wainwright urges customers to focus on COCP’s achievements over the past few months. In August, preclinical animal studies of coronavirus antiviral compounds that were potential development candidates for the company were published in the medical journal Science Translational Medicine. It should be noted that under license agreements with the Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF), COCP has an exclusive, royalty-paying right and license to certain human antiviral compounds and small molecule inhibitors against coronavirus, picornavirus, and calicivirus that are under patent rights controlled by KSURF. Selvaraju said the company plans to further develop these compounds to treat coronavirus-related infections. In addition, last month Cocrystal released promising in vitro and 7-day toxicity data for its preclinical influenza A lead molecule, CC-42344, which is being investigated in (IND) -enabled studies as a potential treatment for seasonal and pandemic influenza strain A.. . Management expects the IND-eligible studies to be completed and the candidate to participate in clinical trials in 2021. Upon closer inspection of CC-42344, Selvaraju points out that it is an « effective broad spectrum inhibitor of the influenza replication enzyme against the PB2 subunit » and that it has strong synergistic effects in combination with approved antiviral influenza drugs such as Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and Xofluza ( Baloxavir). « He argues that, as recent data show that the drug maintains single-digit nanomolar potency against baloxavir-resistant influenza A strain, it » could « facilitate demonstrating the superiority of CC-42344 in filing for FDA approval. To this end, Selvaraju rates COCP at a purchase and $ 4. 50 course target. Should this goal be achieved, there could be upside potential of 417% in stock. (To see Selvaraju’s track record, click here. ) A total of 2 purchases and no holds or sells were awarded in the last three months. Hence, the analyst consensus is a moderate buy. At $ 4. 75, the average target price is 452%. . (See COCP stock analysis on TipRanks) DiaMedica Therapeutics (DMAC) Using its patented and licensed technologies, DiaMedica Therapeutics develops novel recombinant proteins for the treatment of kidney and neurological diseases. Currently go for $ 4. 3 pieces, this name has received high praise lately. Point72 also reflected a new position for Cohen’s company, buying 800 in the third quarter. 000 shares valued at $ 3. 4 million. 5-star analyst Etzer Darout, who writes for Guggenheim, points out that the company’s lead drug, DM199, a synthetic kallikrein-1 (KLK1) replacement therapy for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and acute ischemic stroke ( AIS), a key is part of his bullish thesis. According to the analyst, early clinical data on DM199 is in U. . S.. . Patients and KLK1 derived from pigs and human urine in Asia serve as “clinical evidence of the role of KLK1 therapy and the potential of DM199 as a potentially differentiated therapy for CRF and stroke. The analyst anticipates that the next clinical milestone for therapy will be proof-of-concept data in three CKD populations: patients with immunoglobulin A nephropathy (IgAN), hypertensive African Americans with APOL1 gene mutations (APOL1 HT AAs) and patients with diabetic kidney disease (DKD). In Darout’s view, however, the main value driver is IgAN. “Competitive programs advancing IgAN have shown improvements in proteinuria with stable eGFR, two key markers of kidney function. However, early clinical experience suggests that DM199 has the potential to improve both eGFR and proteinuria, which would be a significant benefit to our assumptions. If DM199 can demonstrate a decrease in proteinuria of more than 25% and an increase in eGFR (which is achievable according to initial data), this would increase our confidence that DM199 will become the standard of care beyond all of the CKD indications we are currently modeling could, ”explains Darout. Looking at the market opportunity, there are around 690 in the US. 000 strokes. S.. . per year (1. 1 million strokes in EU), 87% of which are considered ischemic strokes, says American Heart Association (AHA). Additionally in the U. . S.. . 90% of patients with acute ischemic stroke receive palliative care. Darout estimates that AIS could represent a $ 3 billion to $ 5 billion chance for DMAC in the US if half of palliative care patients are treated with DM199. S.. . So it should come as no surprise that Darout stayed with the cops. In addition to a buy recommendation, he left a target price of $ 16 on the stock. Investors could pocket a 277% gain if that goal is met over the next twelve months. (To see Darout’s track record, click here. ) What are other analysts saying? 2 Buys and no holds or sells lead to a consensus among analysts on moderate buys. Given the average price target of $ 15, stocks could rise 253% over the next year. (See DMAC stock analysis on TipRanks. ) To find great ideas for trading penny stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of the insights into TipRanks stocks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.

The shares of Nio Inc – ADR (NYSE: NIO) are up at 2 March last year. Up 610% and some big options traders are betting that the Nio rally will still have legs. The Nio Trades: On Tuesday, Benzinga Pro subscribers received dozens of option notifications on unusually large Nio trades. Here are a handful of the largest: * At 10:49 am. m. A trader bought 205 Nio call options with an exercise price of $ 20, which expires on February. 10 near the ask price at $ 34. 83. The trade meant a bullish bet of 714. 015 USD. * At 10:55 am. m. A trader sold 306 Nio put options with an exercise price of $ 75 expiring on December. 18 near the asking price at $ 22. 25th. The trade meant a bullish bet of 680. 941 USD. * At 11:01 a.m.. m. A trader bought 300 Nio call options with an exercise price of $ 40, which expires on February. 19 for the price of $ 19. 50. The trade meant a bullish bet of 585. 000 USD. * At 11:21 am. m. A trader sold 481 Nio put options with an exercise price of $ 55, which expires in April. 16 near the asking price at $ 55. The trade meant a bullish bet of 726. 358 USD. Related Link: Citron Says It Is « Offensive » To Call Blink Charging EV Stock. Why it’s important to Nio investors: Even traders who hold only stocks in stocks often closely monitor options market activity for unusually large trades. Given the relative complexity of the options market, large options traders are typically viewed as more sophisticated than the average stock trader. Many of these large options traders are high net worth individuals or institutions who may have unique information or theses about the underlying stocks. Unfortunately, stock traders often use the options market to hedge against their larger equity positions, and there is no surefire way of telling whether an options trade is a stand-alone position or a hedge. In that case, given the relatively large size of Tuesday’s largest trades, it could certainly be institutional hedging. Nio’s big step: Nio stocks are up 14% in the past week as the buzz of buying EV stocks continues to drive stock prices higher. The bullish trade comes despite warnings from former Nio bull and Citron Research editor Andrew Left earlier this month. Left compared Nio to Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) in November 2018, when Nio was trading at just $ 7 per share. On Nov. . 13, Left said Nio investors will need to cash out after the stock’s historic run. « After a rocky trade route, NIO is entering uncharted territory that can never be justified by its current position in the Chinese EV market or its near-term prospects, » Left wrote. Nio reported on October 5. 055 vehicle deliveries, an increase of 100. 1% compared to a year ago. Nio reported a dollar. 1 billion net profit loss in the third quarter earlier this month. Nio’s revenue rose 146% to $ 4 for the quarter. 53 billion, and the stock’s market cap is now $ 72. 5 billion. NOK Chart from TradingView new TradingView. Widget ({« Width »: 680, « Height »: 423, « Icon »: « NYSE: NOK », « Interval »: « D », « Time zone »: « etc. / UTC « , » Topic « : » Light « , » style « : » 1 « , » locale « : » en « , » toolbar_bg « : » f1f3f6 « , » enable_publishing « : false, » allow_symbol_change « : true, » container_id « : » tradeview_5bd9a « }); Gasoline Attitude: When a stock like Nio gets caught in a wave of » irrational exuberance, « arguments about valuations and fundamentals like Left’s are completely irrelevant in the short term. Nio’s biggest options traders on Tuesday appear to be betting that the stock’s upward momentum will continue over the coming months, while longer-term investors will likely try to avoid the potential downtrend once the stock is finally out of gas. Photo courtesy of Nio. See More From Benzinga * Click Here For Benzinga Option Deals * Citron Says It Is « Insulting » To Call Blink Charging For An EV Share * Citron Pulls The Plug On Nio And Says The Rating « Can Never Be Justified » (C) 2020 Benzinga. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

Marko Kolanovic of JPMorgan sees many reasons for optimism in a report on current market conditions and future strategic perspectives. Kolanovic sees that risk has diminished over the past few weeks and given the usual daily fluctuations, markets should see continued recovery. According to Kolanovic, the biggest news is the positive reports about the rapid development and imminent availability of a COVID-19 vaccine. This is a ‘game changer’ that will allow investors to ‘see the recent surge in COVID-19 cases leading up to the impending end of the pandemic and wider reopening of the economy. “In terms of market importance, the split result of the national elections comes in second. Kolanovic describes a Biden presidency combined with increased Republican strength in the House of Representatives and a sustained majority in the Republican Senate as « the best of both worlds ». A divided government is unlikely to undo the pro-business measures put in place by the Trump administration, while Biden is likely to ease the trade war. According to the Kolanovic team, the result will be “less market volatility, which could lead to inflows into risk assets. To that end, JPM’s stock analysts scanned the tickers looking for those likely to win or lose in the months ahead. Of particular interest, we pulled in TipRanks data for two stocks the company is forecasting double-digit growth and one JPM says it will avoid. Vroom, Inc. . (VRM) We’re starting with Vroom, an online used car dealer. In addition to automobiles, the company also sells parts and accessories, and offers insurance, rental cars, and purchases only to US customers. Vroom is a newcomer to the markets. The IPO took place in June and rose rapidly, reaching on Jan.. September culminated. Since then, stocks have slid, down 22% since day one. The rise and fall is the result of conflicting tailwinds and headwinds pushing against the stock. On the upside, Vroom picked up during the general move to online retail. The company’s focus on used vehicles was also beneficial during the pandemic when customers were nervous or financially troubled – but in both cases they were reluctant to spend large sums on a new car. On the negative side of the ledger, this spending restraint spilled over into the used car market. Vroom struggled with low margins while lowering prices to attract sales. Analyst Rajat Gupta, who covers the stock for JPM, sees the current level of the stock as an opportunity for investors. The bad times are likely only temporary, he believes, and this company will take off. « Net-Net, as short-term expectations are now being reset and unit growth and gross profit can be accelerated through 2021, we see the line-up as favorable to the stock in the short to medium term with few incremental negative catalysts. We believe that execution will be critical given the heavy reliance on third parties for key operational issues such as overhaul and logistics, ”Gupta wrote. In line with this assessment, Gupta rates the share as overweight (i. e. Buy), and its target price of $ 70 implies an upward movement of 91% for the coming year. (To see Gupta’s track record, click here. ) Even after the stock’s fall, Vroom retains a strong buy out of analyst consensus. Scoring is based on 11 reviews including 10 purchases and 1 sale. VRM sells for $ 36. 81 and its $ 59. The average target price of 40 indicates that growth of ~ 61% is possible over the one-year horizon. (See VRM stock analysis on TipRanks) Colfax Corporation (CFX) Next up is Colfax, a niche manufacturer. Colfax manufactures a range of equipment for the welding, medical device, and air and gas handling markets, from medical equipment for joint reconstruction to welding helmets and cutting torches. While it sounds incongruous, the combination works for Colfax and the company is seeing a turnaround in the second quarter of 20 due to corona crisis losses. The result for the third quarter of 41 cents per share was both good and bad. It was down 32% year over year, but more than quadrupled sequentially, beating estimates. Revenue increased sequentially by 29% to 805 million. USD. Management expects further sequential improvements for the remainder of 2020 and forecasts annual earnings in the range of 45 to 50 cents per share. 5-star analyst Stephen Tusa, who represented JPM, stated, “[We] see the stock as relatively cheap compared to close competitors in the fab tech and med tech space, with a clear upward trend after COVID-19, which is apparently not fully realized. The assessment has so far been compared with the expectations of the comparative year. CFX has strong brands and franchises … and an underrated productivity opportunity as the primary end market at Fab Tech recovers and demand at Med Tech increases. Tusa supports his optimistic comments with an overweight (i. e. Buy) rating and a price target of USD 52 show his confidence in an upward trend of 38% for a year. (To see Tusa’s track record, click here. ) Overall, Colfax has a moderate buy rating from analyst consensus based on 8 ratings split into 5 buys, 2 holds and 1 sell. The majority, however, assume that the shares will remain in a range of currently USD 38 for the time being. 63 shows average target price. (See CFX stock analysis on TipRanks) Beyond Meat (BYND) Last on today’s list of JPM calls is Beyond Meat, a company that made waves last year when it raised over $ 3. 8 billion when it went public. The company offers a vegetarian meat substitute and markets it as more nutritious, better tasting – and more like meat – than competing products. The company was founded in 2009 and has expanded its product range to include simulated beef, pork and chicken products. Overall, the BYND share continues to have a positive facade. Stocks are up 88% since the start of the year, and the company posted net income in the first quarter of 20 when the corona crisis began. Since then, however, earnings have turned negative – and worse, revenue saw a sharp sequential decline in the third quarter. The latest quarterly numbers showed that it was at the top of $ 94 million, 16% less than the second quarter and well below the forecast of $ 133 million, and an EPS loss of 28 cents – far worse than forecast 3 -Cent loss. Beyond Meat’s biggest success came from declines in the restaurant business, which were only partially offset by a 40% increase in grocery sales. The company announced a partnership with McDonald’s to provide the meat substitute for the fast-food giant’s new McPlant menu, but even that announcement was botched. BYND shares fell sharply when it was rumored that McD’s developed the meat substitute in-house. While that misunderstanding has been corrected, BYND has only partially come back. In short, this company is facing serious headwinds in the short term and JPM advises caution as “visibility is so low and the last quarter is surprisingly weak. Ken Goldman, who was rated 5 stars by TipRanks, writes of BYND: “We are now trying to model a company for which (a) we don’t know exactly why 3Q was so bad (the company’s statement didn’t seem confirmed be) by meaningful data) and (b) the partnership with McDonald’s could either be a game changer or a dud. « Goldman’s caution is evident from his underweight position (i. e. a Sell), and its target price of $ 104 suggests a 26% downtrend for the stock. (To see Goldman’s track record, click here. ) JPM isn’t the only company advising caution here. Beyond Meat’s analyst consensus rating is a moderate sell based on 2 buys, 7 holds, and 7 sells set in the past few weeks. The stock sells for $ 141. 91 and its average target price of $ 110. 71 indicates a likely downward trend of 22% in the coming year. (See BYND stock analysis on TipRanks. ) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.

Dow Jones futures were in the spotlight early Wednesday after the Dow Jones Industrial Average first hit 30. Had exceeded 000.

The world’s largest asset manager has been impressed by recent market gains and has highlighted that sentiment with the appreciation of US stocks. In its recent reassessment of US financial market conditions, investment giant BlackRock issued a general upgrade for Wall Street. This was not an upgrade for specific stocks, but for the entire US market. The BlackRock note explains the move and advises that the daily COVID news is all noise – the real news is on the vaccine front, where at least two effective vaccines are only a few months away from public circulation. A viable vaccine against coronavirus disease will return us to normal conditions and improve investor sentiment immeasurably. Hence the upgrade. « We are upgrading US stocks to overweight positions, favoring quality large caps that take structural growth trends into account and smaller companies that are poised for a possible cyclical upswing, » said BlackRock. The company expects a cyclical upturn in the US economy in 2021 as the coronavirus crisis takes a back seat and the political landscape returns to pre-Trump patterns. BlackRock’s overall upgrade was just a sign of confidence in US markets. Several Wall Street research firms have also issued upgraded viewpoints, microviewing, and applying their revisions to specific stocks. We pulled three from the TipRanks database and found that they matched BlackRock’s preferences: medium to large companies with well established positions in the market. Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc. . (CLF) We’re starting with Cleveland-Cliffs, an Ohio-based mining company. Cleveland-Cliffs specializes in iron production and has four active mines in Minnesota and Michigan. The company focuses on the mining, processing and pelletizing of the ore. Iron pellets are produced in various qualities that are suitable for blast furnace smelting, steel production and alloying. Cleveland-Cliffs alone is capable of producing more than 40% of total US capacity in iron pellets. Flat rolled carbon, stainless steel, and electrical steel products are also manufactured. As the economy recovers and bounces off its deepest coronavirus hits, Cleveland Cliffs revenues have increased. The company’s return on sales has grown since Q1 2020 and saw sequential gains in both the second and third quarters. The number for the third quarter is $ 1. 65 billion, in line with analysts’ expectations, well ahead of $ 555. 6 million in the same quarter of the previous year. The share price has reflected this recovery. The share bottomed out at just $ 3 in mid-March. 14 per share. Since then, it has shown impressive growth. Stocks fully made up for those losses in mid-winter and are trading up 32% since the start of the year. Gordon Johnson, an analyst at GLJ Research, sees Cleveland-Cliffs increasing as the pandemic recedes and its customers resume normal economic activity. To this end, the analyst upgraded CLF from Hold to Buy and its $ 15. The price target of 80 suggests it will have an uptrend of 46% over the coming year. (To see Johnson’s track record, click here. ) “US auto production has recovered to pre-pandemic levels, which is clearly positive for Cliffs as ~ 27% of (future) steel demand comes from this sector. Even the number of oil / gas rigs still appears to have declined sharply year over year, but appears to have turned a corner in terms of growth. In addition, our reviews indicate possible delays in the delivery of supplements. In our view, that momentum, which drove US HRC prices down to almost $ 734 / tonne last week, has the potential to keep price levels up through 2021, ”Johnson stated. Overall, the consensus rating for a moderate purchase of CLF is based on an even distribution. The stock has registered 3 purchases and 3 holds. However, the stock’s recent appreciation has brought it above average price target. The shares sell for $ 10. 85 while the average goal remains $ 10. 09 for now. (See CLF stock analysis on TipRanks. ) General Electric (GE) Today General Electric is also updated. The company once had one of the best-known marketing jingles in advertising – « We bring good things to life » – referring to its position as a major manufacturer of household appliances. Today, this multinational conglomerate operates in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors, from aerospace to electrical power to renewable energy. GE stock has been on an upward trend since the Q3 earnings report was released in late October. Results, while declining year over year, showed solid sequential profits and exceeded analysts’ expectations. On the top row, sales increased from $ 17. 7 billion to 19 dollars. 4 billion, while the negative EPS in the second quarter turned positive and was 6 cents per share. The EPS forecast was for a loss of 6 cents. Christopher Glynn, 5-star analyst at Oppenheimer, sees GE in a fundamentally solid position. The analyst switched GE from neutral to outperform (i. e. To buy). His target price of USD 12 implies an upside potential of ~ 15% for the next 12 months. (To see Glynn’s track record, click here. ) Glynn commented: “Our outperform rating reflects the view that cost reduction initiatives can be read through in a more targeted manner, leading to early phases of a clearer breadth of operational dynamics in the segments. We believe that working capital performance in 2021 could be a positive surprise considering GE is undertaking extensive facility consolidations and managing (and continuing) working capital through 2020. « We also like the extended maturity of the debt structure and the strong liquidity that now provides a backdrop that is emerging from the aviation downturn in a position of resilience, » the analyst noted. The recent appreciation of GE shares has brought the share price above the average target price. The stock is currently trading at $ 10. 45 per share – but the average goal is $ 9. 29. It remains to be seen whether Glynn’s upgrade and higher target will mark the beginning of an overall re-rating for this stock. GE currently has a consensus analyst rating of moderate buys based on 13 ratings that include 8 buys and 5 holds. (See GE stock analysis at TipRanks) Wells Fargo (WFC) Last but not least, Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the world with a market capitalization of $ 118 billion. It is also the fourth largest in the US with total assets of nearly $ 2 trillion. Wells Fargo offers a full range of banking services to private and business customers as well as large corporations and investment firms. The 2020 corona crisis hit Well Fargo hard, and the bank’s stock price has still not rallied after falling in February and March this year. Revenues have regained ground in the past nine months, but slowly – the Q3 figure was $ 18. 7 billion, a full billion dollars higher than the first quarter, but still lower than the fourth quarter of 19, the last pre-Corona quarter. The Fed’s low interest rate policy has dampened bank profits, and Wells Fargo’s net interest income for the third quarter fell 19% year-over-year to $ 9. 4 billion. Despite this headwind, Raymond James analyst David Long is getting bullish on WFC stocks. In a research note published today, the WFC analyst from Underperform (i. e. Sell) to excel (i. e. Buy) along with a target price of $ 32. (To see Long’s track record, click here. ) In his comments on the stock, Long identifies the composition of Wells Fargo’s loan portfolio as a structural strength: “We expect Wells Fargo’s loan performance to outperform its peers for this loan cycle due to its large exposure to home loans, which is 35% of the entire loan portfolio (compared to comparable companies with 23%), as real estate prices have held up well. In addition, its exposure to hotel (1. 3% of the credits) and entertainment (1st. 0%) are far below the level of its competitors. The analyst concluded: « With the worst possible probability in the past, we now believe that pre-tax revenues have declined, revenues are nearing rock bottom, a multi-year initiative to streamline costs can finally be taken, and buyback activities are possible Return in the near future. « Overall, the analyst consensus rating here is a moderate buy based on 14 ratings including 7 buys, 6 holds, and 1 sell. However, the average target price reflects Wall Street’s caution. at $ 29. 08 it only indicates limited growth – 1. 64% to be exact. (See WFC stock analysis on TipRanks. ) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.

What would Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen mean for incentives, Fed policy, banking regulation and Bitcoin?

Tesla and Nikola rose as Chinese electric car stocks gave up profits as the Trump administration finally started the transition process.

The best tech stocks to buy and watch are strong performers with healthy fundamentals thanks to a new product or service that drives growth.

Thanks to Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) 6. According to Bloomberg, its chief executive officer Elon Musk is the second richest person in the world as of Monday, surpassing Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) co-founder Bill Gates. What Happened: Musk ranks second with a fortune of $ 127. 9 billion, followed by Bill Gates with $ 127. 7 billion fortunes in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Tesla CEO, who started the year thirty-fifth on the list, added $ 100 billion in 2020, the largest net worth increase on the list of the world’s 500 richest people. Tesla shares account for more than three quarters of his fortune, which has grown by a massive 523. 7% since the beginning of the year. Bloomberg also noted that Gates’ ranking would have been higher if he hadn’t donated more than $ 27 billion to his foundation since 2006. Amazon. Jeff Bezos, head of com Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN), is still the richest in the world, with assets of $ 182 billion. Why It Matters: While this year was good for Tesla’s stock, 2021 can get even better. Tesla will benefit from its inclusion in the S&P 500 index. On the one hand, the EV maker has been a target for short sellers, on the other hand, it also has price targets of 8 and 1 from analysts. Received $ 000. Price action: TSLA shares are trading 2 higher. 92% on $ 537. 11 in the pre-market session on the last check Tuesday. Image Courtesy: Wikimedia See more of Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga option deals * Tesla rolls out firmware update after hackers discover vulnerability in Model X * Positive vaccine news, economic recovery boosts global markets (C) 2020 Benzinga. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

(Bloomberg) – With President-elect Joe Biden selected Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary, the forex markets are becoming more confident than the U.. . S.. . The government’s policy towards the dollar is becoming clearer. Donald Trump’s government conjured chaos over the greenback, threatening to intervene for a moment or otherwise resent the strength of the currency, and then – often on the same day – took a contradicting stance. From the Bill Clinton administration to the Barack Obama administration, the federal government has maintained that a strong currency is a reflection of the strength of the U.. S.. . economy. The prospect that Yellen will bring clarity back on dollar policy could help stabilize the USD 6. 6 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market that is the backbone of global finance and trading. Some traders are confident, although former Fed chairman and new boss Biden are expected to take some time to unfold their position on the greenback as they initially focus on tackling the pandemic and its economic damage. « The appointment of Yellen could create a more coherent policy for the dollar, » Ben Emons, head of global macro strategy at Medley Global Advisors, said in a note. « This is because during Yellen’s tenure as chairman, the uncertainty in Fed policy fueled the strength of the dollar. Their experience and knowledge could provide a better, more formal framework for dollar policy. « The U. S.. . The Treasury Secretary has historically been in charge of the dollar, with a section in the Foreign Exchange Policy Department. But tradition fell by the wayside under Trump. The president and his aides freely discussed the currency, often outperforming Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The administration overall showed far less commitment to a strong dollar due to Trump’s obsession with U.. S.. . Trade deficits. In July 2019, Trump and his top economic advisor Larry Kudlow publicly discussed a U. . S.. . Intervening to weaken the currency after the European Central Bank signaled a loose monetary policy, causing the euro to weaken against the greenback. Within hours, Kudlow said in a television interview that the government had decided not to intervene only to let Trump tell reporters that the idea was still being examined. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says it’s time for the U. . S.. . Return to the strong dollar policy introduced during the Clinton administration. « It would be unwise to act actively devaluing or indifferent to the dollar, » he said earlier this month in an open letter advising the next chief financial officer. Yellen has noted in the past that a stronger dollar tightens the U.. S.. . Trade deficit and dampen growth, while a weaker currency does the opposite. In 2014 she also warned her then Fed colleagues about the risks of commenting on the dollar. « As a former Fed chairman, Yellen also knows exactly what impact it could have on markets, » wrote Ian Katz, an analyst at Capital Alpha Partners, in a note. “She will choose her words carefully. Investors shouldn’t worry about her making impromptu remarks that will fuel volatility. Any change in policy under Yellen would coincide with a growing consensus on Wall Street that the dollar has entered a period of persistent weakness. A Bloomberg meter for greenback just hit a 2 1/2 year low. « Given that the dollar is falling through Biden’s tenor, the subject of dollar policy could be of some concern, » Steven Barrow, Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy at Standard Bank, said in a note. “In addition, the era of almost non-existent foreign exchange interventions by industrialized countries could also come to an end. « The U. S.. . Most recently, he intervened in the foreign exchange markets together with international colleagues in 2011 after the yen rose sharply this year after the devastating earthquake in Japan. The dollar has fallen more than 11% since March, as measured by the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index. Dollar bears have been encouraged by expectations that the Federal Reserve will keep rates near zero for years and that demand for the dollar will fade amid promising results for coronavirus vaccines. That path could continue with Yellen at the Treasury Department as she has sought to join Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s policy of cutting interest rates for extended periods of time with expanded, expansive government spending. Not everyone agrees that Yellen will make strong statements on dollar policy as her focus will be on the domestic economy. Nine months after the pandemic, more than 6 million people are still claiming unemployment benefits will be extended and unemployment as U will rise again. S.. . Coronavirus infections peak. “Yellen is unlikely to have any particular policy towards the dollar as she undoubtedly recognizes that domestic policy is far more important to the US. S.. . Recovery and trying to control or control the value of the exchange rate shouldn’t be a high priority, ”said Eswar Prasad, who wrote,“ The dollar trap: How the US dollar tightened its control over global finances. ‘(Adds analyst comments in the 11th. Paragraph added) You can find more articles like this at bloomberg. comSubscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2020 Bloomberg L. . P. .

Wall Street veteran Byron Wien shares his market outlook on the day the Dow first surged 30. 000 rose.

A Canadian police officer overseeing the arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou forwarded to an arrest officer a « strong proposal » from her manager to arrest Meng on the plane she was arriving on, the court said Tuesday. Huawei lawyers have alleged that U. during Meng’s arrest at Vancouver Airport two years ago. S.. . and the Canadian authorities coordinated the use of CBSA’s additional investigative powers to interrogate her without a lawyer present before Canadian police arrested Meng on a U warrant. S.. . Bank fraud charges.

Cloud stocks received an upbeat vote of confidence Tuesday after KeyBanc began reporting on a number of software names. The Analyst: KeyBanc analyst Michael Turits initiated coverage of a number of software stocks, including the following six enterprise applications and cloud companies: * Salesforce. com, Inc. . (NYSE: CRM), overweight and target of $ 310. * HubSpot Inc (NYSE: HUBS), overweight and target of $ 445. * Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), overweight and $ 250 target. * ServiceNow Inc (NYSE: NOW), overweight and target of $ 620. * Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL), overweight and target of $ 65. * Workday Inc (NASDAQ: WDAY), overweight and target of $ 251. * Slack Technologies Inc (NYSE: WORK), sector weight valuation. The thesis: In a note, Turits said corporate software stocks have several mundane growth drivers, including the digital transformation of the global economy catalyzed by the pandemic. Another growth driver is the relocation of applications to the cloud and the associated cloud security software. After all, the rise of big data is a booming segment of the software industry due to advanced intelligence. Related link: 3 Snowflake analysts on the potential of Cloud Data Stock: « Unique technology advantage » Despite the long-term tailwind in this area, KeyBanc has selected companies that have proven management teams and strong business models. He is also particularly optimistic about companies operating in segments with high market entry barriers, such as Microsoft in the Hyperscale Cloud and Salesforce in the enterprise front market. Finally, Turits is most bullish on stocks with attractive valuations and relatively high growth prospects. The software group’s overall ratings are currently historically high, including an average earnings multiple of around 32 and an overall company value to sales ratio of 10. 4th. Turits says investors should focus on growth stocks that have attractive relative valuations compared to their software counterparts. Benzinga’s Opinion: There are certainly many attractive growth stories in the cloud software space, but many of these stocks have run high in recent years and are already anticipating several years of oversized growth. The key for investors in the near future will be figuring out which stocks are already runnable based on their growth prospects and which are already fully valued. For More Information From Benzinga * Click here to receive option deals from Benzinga. * Short sellers of airline stocks exit ahead of coronavirus vaccine approval. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

What are value stocks? A value stock traditionally has a lower price than the stock prices of companies in the same industry. This suggests that the company may be undervalued as investors show less interest in such companies. The most common way to check value is by price / earnings ratio (P / E). A low P / E multiple is a good indication that the stock is undervalued. Below is a list of notable value stocks in the tech sector: 1. China Index Holdings (NASDAQ: CIH) – P / E: 3rd. 78 2. O2Micro Intl (NASDAQ: OIIM) – P / E: 0. 46 3. MIND C. . T. . I. (NASDAQ: MNDO) – P / E: 8. 96 4. Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HEAR) – P / E: Nov.. 9 5. Hamilton Beach Brands (NYSE: HBB) – P / E: Jan.. 81China Index Holdings reported earnings per share of 0 for the third quarter. 12 that increased by 20. 0% compared to Q2, which was 0. 1. China Index Holdings doesn’t have a dividend yield that investors should consider when considering holding onto such a stock. Most recently, O2Micro Intl reported earnings per share of 0. 1, while earnings per share were 0 in the second quarter. 03. O2Micro Intl doesn’t have a dividend yield that investors should consider when considering sticking to such a stock. MIND C. . T. . I. was presented as a value stock. MIND C. . T. . I. Q3 EPS of Q3 is 0. 07, which has not changed since the last quarter (Q2). The company’s most recent dividend yield is 11. 0%, which has decreased by 0. 36% of 11. 36% last quarter. Turtle Beach posted earnings per share up 0. 42 in Q2 to 1. 05 now. Turtle Beach doesn’t have a dividend yield that investors should consider when considering sticking to a stock like this. Hamilton Beach Brands earnings per share for the third quarter is -0. 15, while it was 0 in the second quarter. 59. The company’s most recent dividend yield is 1. 95%, which decreased by 0. 11% of 2. 06% last quarter. Meaning: A value stock may take some time to recover from its undervalued position. The risk of investing in a value stock is that it may never happen. More information from Benzinga * Click here to go to Benzinga’s option deals. * A look at the Debt from Dollar Tree. * Understanding Occidental Petroleum (C) 2020 Benzinga’s unusual option activity. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

One of this year’s themes was the rise of the electric vehicle manufacturer, led by market leader Tesla (TSLA). . When the EV pioneer delivered a string of wins and record deliveries, the market responded in kind. On the way into the final stage of 2020, the stock is up a massive 563%. While Tesla has made significant strides, its market cap is now at $ 526 billion, which means a tremendous amount of expected growth. By comparison, old auto giant General Motors (GM) has a market cap of $ 66 billion, almost eight times less than Tesla’s. Of course, investors expect Tesla’s expansion over the next several years to justify its strong valuation, but Needham analyst Rajvindra Gill doubts the company is up to the task, in part due to GM’s increased focus on its own EV- Segment. Last week, Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, said the company “does everything with electric vehicles. “GM expects 30 EV models by 2025 (down from 20 by 2023) and is building new manufacturing facilities to meet its goals. In addition, the company will form an entirely new marketing unit focused solely on the EV opportunity. “That additional competition,” said Gill, “could hurt the steep sales ramp Tesla must reach to warrant its rating. « . « GM’s expected price range for its attack on the EV sector is between $ 30. 000 US dollars (for Tesla’s Model 3) up to the « more exotic 100 ». 000 dollar options « lie. Gill argues it is a « direct move against all of Tesla’s major product lines, from the lower-priced Model 3 to the » ridiculously modified « Model S.. . For Gill, everything points to a tough fight for Musk and Co. The 5-star analyst wrote: « Despite Tesla’s recent successes such as quarterly earnings over the past four quarters and record deliveries, we are bearish due to increasing competitive pressures and the increase in OpEx in support of Gigafactory Shanghai (and later Europe) versus the stock) and model Y-ramps as well as the history of the automaker with profitability issues. Additionally, we expect the company to encounter obstacles and setbacks as it scale up manufacturing the Model Y and Cybertruck. We don’t think the company has enough leverage to justify its high multiple, ”added the analyst. Accordingly, Gill rates Tesla shares with an underperformance (i. e. Sell) without proposing a price target. (To see Gill’s track record, click here. ) What is the rest of the street thinking? With regard to the consensus distribution, the opinions of other analysts are more diverse. 10 purchases, 9 holds and sells each result in a hold consensus rating. As for the stock price, that view is finally down. At $ 390. 13, the average target price suggests stocks will fall 30% over the next 12 months. (See TSLA stock analysis on TipRanks. ) To find great ideas for trading automotive stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the insights into TipRanks’ stocks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analyst. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.

President-elect Joe Biden wants to help Americans save for their golden years by expanding access to retirement plans, strengthening social security, and making health care more affordable.

To buy top semiconductor stocks, one must understand the health of the markets that buy chips for their products. Chip stocks are up on signs of a market rally in 2020.

Marijuana stocks rebounded Tuesday, with both Canadians and U. . S.. . Names in morning trading. Aphria and Curaleaf meet buying zones.

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