World News – USA – The Rockets’ DeMarcus cousins ​​were ejected after suffering two technical fouls in three minutes


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DeMarcus Cousins ​​is not exactly new to the practice of being ejected. When he played for the Golden State Warriors, he was even expelled from a game he hadn’t played in. He’s recorded 136 technical fouls in his career and if he continues at this pace, he will retire among the all-time front runners in the statistics.

If there was hope that years of dealing with injuries could humiliate cousins ​​and reassure them a little, that hope is now gone. Cousins ​​who were in their third game with the Houston Rockets were ejected after just three minutes. The first technical foul came when he gave Willie Cauley-Stein an unnecessary push.

Demarcus Cousins ​​first missed moment when he hits Willie Caulie-Stein for an extra push. Every championship team needs a bat. # Missiles # marrowstradamus image. Twitter. com / EFy96Wo5RL

The second came minutes later. Cousins ​​drove to the basket just to lie down, and when he complained about not receiving a foul call, the officers beat him with a second technician and kicked him out of the game.

And now Boogie is getting his second tech and is being thrown out for complaining about not getting a bad call picture. Twitter. com / lm1swZFdkH

Amazingly, this is still one of the longest stretches of cousins’ careers between spews. He has been since 31. March 2019, although the absence of the entire 2019-20 regular season has something to do with this 21-month gap. In terms of the games played, that gap was only 17 games long.

Cousins ​​played well before ejection. He posted four points, three rebounds and two blocks before being thrown. Given his minimum salary, the Rockets would be thrilled to get this type of production per minute. They just need cousins ​​to contain his emotions so they can get it over more than three minutes of playtime.

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World News – USA – The DeMarcus cousins ​​of the Rockets were killed after two technical fouls in three minutes ejected
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