World News – USA – Updated reviews show viewer retention between NXT and AEW Dynamite


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Bad news for wrestling journalists who can only appear sexually if NXT defeats AEW in the ratings: last week’s big viewership win for NXT over AEW Dynamite has been changed to a tie. Thanks to the updated numbers, Dynamite and NXT now total 712. 000 spectators. This means that AEW must be seen as the winner of the night as Dynamite fared significantly better with viewers 18-49.

Following the news, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer took to Twitter to joke, « God, I can only imagine the madness this will cause. Neilson’s updated numbers for last Wednesday put AEW Dynamite at 712. 000 spectators. This will be like people who think Trump won the election. « Of course, there is no evidence of the type of widespread fraud that would be required to alter the Wednesday night ratings results.

Man, what a blow to The Chadster’s self-esteem to learn, the day after celebrating NXT’s victory, that AEW Dynamite actually had as many viewers for the Thanksgiving Eve episode. As I noted at the time, I had plans to have sex with my wife, Keighleyanne, to celebrate the win, and because the chadster has trouble « performing » if NXT doesn’t win the ratings. « Well, I should have acted earlier, but I thought I would have done it by at least tonight. I thought about having sex with Keighleyanne during the Jon Moxley vs.. . Kenny Omega match tonight on Dynamite, just to match Tony Khan, but now it’s all ruined as it turns out NXT didn’t win the crowd after all.

Keighleyanne will certainly be disappointed when I tell her the news, although she will likely try to protect my feelings by acting like it isn’t a big deal and texting Gary again right away. I have to thank AEW for being in a bad mood too. Thank you, AEW! You idiots.

Chad McMahon, also known as The Chadster, is a lifelong professional wrestling fan and now a journalist. Chad’s interests also include comics, movies, Netflix, and other sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball, for both college students and professionals. Chad drives a Miata and is married to Keighleyanne. He loves WWE with all his heart and soul.

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World News – US – Updated reviews show viewer retention between NXT and AEW Dynamite
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