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mardi, août 4, 2020

Ka kite, Kākāriki: Unwanted Blake Green leaving Warriors immediately to join Knights

The veteran playmaker had previously been told he is not part of the club's future.

COVID-19 Passenger Outbreaks Take Place On Two International Cruise Lines

(10 a.m. EDT) -- The international cruise industry took a step back this weekend, as two lines that had restarted operations reported COVID-19 outbreaks among passengers and crew.Both lines -- Hurtigruten in Norway and Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia -- had restarted operations with clearly lai

Capitals lose shootout to Lightning in first playoff seeding game

The Washington Capitals played a meaningful hockey game for the first time since March 9, but the result reintroduced starved fans to a less desirable aspect of sports: the agony of defeat.

Blake Green set to join Knights; Leutele signs with Storm

Blake Green has been granted an immediate release by the Warriors and is set to join the Newcastle Knights

Dozens test positive for Covid-19 on Norway cruise

The outbreak on the MS Roald Amundsen comes just weeks after the cruise industry began to reopen.

Emma Watson Disappoints Woman Inspiring Her ‘Bling Ring’ Character With Unsympathetic Remarks

When speaking about the 'Little Women' star's role in the 2013 movie during an Instagram Live broadcast, Alexis Neiers points out the one problem she had with the actress.

Brian Windhorst: Zion Williamson ‘Clearly Not in Condition’ to Be Playing

Brian Windhorst: Zion Williamson 'Clearly Not in Condition' to Be Playing

Norway restricts cruise ship arrivals after coronavirus outbreak

Decision comes after a cruise line suspended operations following discovery of 41 infections on board one of its ships.

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