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. . The president's team of lawyers has pledged that they will reverse the results of the 2020 White House elections.
. . Rudy Giuliani and President Trump's campaign legal team are due to hold a press conference on Thursday. The press conference on the team's legal efforts in the wake of this month's election is scheduled for noon EST. Watch directly in the video above.
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The US Special Advisor's office has opened an investigation into allegations that &'s use of the White House as a command center on election day violated federal law, Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell said Thursday. In a statement, Pascrell said the federal watchdog responded
U.S. watchdog will investigate whether President Donald Trump's campaign violated the law by using the White House as a center of electoral command
The Trump campaign used offices in a building on the White House grounds as a command center - which may have violated federal law
Dane County is expected to play an important role in the impact of Tuesday's November 3 election in Wisconsin 
First daughter Ivanka Trump will travel to Orlando on Wednesday to speak with local voters who support her father, President Donald Trump

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