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L.A. County reports an average of 1,074 new daily cases for the week ending Sept. 25, compared with 1,176 for the week ending Sept. 5.
The IRS urges you to sign up by October 15 to claim your stimulus check.
People of Praise members make a “lifelong promise of love and service to fellow community members, … a covenant commitment,” which raises questions among some legal scholars about objectivity.
A federal judge in California ruled late Thursday night that national counting for the 2020 census can continue through October 31.
After more than a month of failed stimulus negotiations, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will move to introduce a new $2.4 trillion stimulus package.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed a committee to draft a new coronavirus relief bill estimated to come in at $2.2 trillion. It is unclear whether it will include a second stimulus check, extra federal unemployment benefits, or state aid.
CBO projects the national debt will raise to twice the size of the economy in just 30 years. We will become a fiscal Greece, and taxes will rise.
Developer InnerSloth is focusing on Among Us, the original
Among Us is the Fall Guys of September, and a sequel has been cancelled to better support the first game.
San Gabriel Valley man accused of driving into Pasadena protesters is charged with illegally obtaining and transporting firearms

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