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Lue’s interview is coming up, but he seems to be falling further behind Mike D’Antoni in Philly’s head coach search.
Jimmy Butler avait assuré qu'il allait parler à Bam Adebayo alors que ce dernier s'était rendu coupa...
On connait désormais l'affiche des finales NBA 2020 qui opposeront les Los Angeles Lakers au Heat de...
Grâce à une victoire de 125 à 113, le Heat de Miami élimine les Celtics en six matchs et accède à la Finale NBA pour …
The Miami Heat are a won game away from heading to the NBA Finals. Already there, the LA Lakers reportedly want Miami. The Miami Heat are just one potentia...
Un dimanche soir de Finales de conférence en NBA, un match seulement mais largement de quoi trouver des opportunités pour poser un petit pari !
In 2013, Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel had his team one win away from reaching the NBA Finals. Instead, he was thwarted by then-Miami Heat forward LeBron James and never reached his dream of coaching in the Finals. Seven years later, Vogel is now the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, and instead of staying up all night…
Lakers star LeBron James will play in his 10th NBA Finals, but he said it won't mean anything "unless I get it done" and win the title.
SEP 27, 2020 - LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — Here’s a list of just some of the things the Los Angeles Lakers have gone through in the last 12 months: playing through a politically charged situation in China during the preseason and more massive fallout after returning home, the death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash, a pandemic and four-plus-month suspension of play, the season being moved to a bubble 2,500 miles from their homes, the ongoing battle against racial inequality in this country and emotions fraying to the point where giving up was considered.And here they are.After all that drama, all that angst, all those challenges, the NBA Finals await.A most unpredictable season has a very predictable finalist.

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