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Stephanie Abrams, a veteran Weather Channel meteorologist, ducked to avoid falling debris while reporting in the field as ferocious Hurricane Laura came ashore early Thursday.
The NBA playoffs could be in jeopardy if the Lakers and Clippers decide not to play.
After Tuesday's Game 5 win over the Dallas Mavericks, Paul George revealed the depth of his week-long struggles. It wasn't just about basketball. It was also about his state of depression from being inside the NBA's bubble. How did he manage to overcome it and thrive for the Clippers in Game 5?
The Lakers and Clippers were against finishing the NBA playoffs as players and coaches met for more than two hours Wednesday night.
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — In an informal poll taken at a meeting of NBA players Wednesday, the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers indicated they ...
The NBA players had a meeting Wednesday night to discuss how the players could further their cause of racial justice.
The LA Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers are the only two teams in the NBA that have decided to boycott the remainder of the season.

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