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Beta has weakened to a tropical depression as it parked itself over the Texas coast, raising concerns of extensive flooding in Houston and areas farther inland
Two peaks of the storm are expected Tuesday evening and Wednesday late morning.
SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. (AP) — A shooter opened fire and wounded two people at a Connecticut business on Tuesday before being caught trying to flee...
Severe thunderstorms are wreaking havoc across regional New South Wales this afternoon, with hail as big as a 50 cent piece falling in the Riverina.
The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Severe Weather Warning for widespread storm activity for large parts of Western and Central NSW. Showers and...
Officials with Environment and Climate Change Canada say that hurricane Teddy will not be as bad as 2019's hurricane Dorian.
Beta is not expected to go anywhere anytime soon and could be a significant flood threat for Texas and Louisiana.

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Ces trois gars et trois filles sont couverts de privilèges!

Météo. Impressionnantes images d’une tornade qui traverse l’Île d’Oléron et les environs

Une trombe marine s’est formée au large d’Oléron vers 16h30. Elle a poursuivi sa route sur la terre et a fait d’importants dégâts dans plusieurs endroits de l’île. Nombreuses interventions de pompiers.

PSN DOWN: PS4 Maintenance and server status update for Sony PlayStation Network

PS4 gamers are seeing error reports stating that the PSN is down for maintenance, although it looks to be some kind of PlayStation Network outage.

Joe Biden said in 2016 a SCOTUS seat can be filled in an election...

Joe Biden claimed in 2016 that it was the 'constitutional duty' of a president to name a Supreme Court nominee even in an election year despite his claim Friday that it should wait.